Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ten Highlights From My Dream Resume: A Surrealist Game

Tattered Fugue 32 x 24" oil and pigment on canvas
© 1999 Katherine Kean

Like Doodling, writing a Dream Resume is one of the Surrealist Games. The point of the Surrealist Games is to access inspiration through the rich source of your subconscious. The idea of the dream resume is to chronicle your dream activities and accomplishments as you would in a waking life resume. I love dreams and remember lots of them so I find this a fun process to do.

Here are some highlights from my dream resume:

1. I flew, under my own power of course, to California from my home in Massachusetts to visit the Wizard of Oz - as it turns out the wizard is a psychotherapist in Beverly Hills.

2. I willed fishcakes to fall from the sky to feed the crowd at my pool party. Almost immediately after this I willed cats to appear and eat all the leftover fishcakes.

5. I worked for a long time and in many dreams for the Head Chef at a resort. It was my job to decorate all the cakes. Lots and lots of cakes. I must admit that I often strayed from my cake decorating duties to participate in other adventures.

11. I saved an amusement park car that had errantly left the track and flown off into the sky by swooping down from above and guiding it gently to safety with my hand – a la Superman.

3. I served appetizers to a group of friends at a party near the ceiling. We were all floating around up there.

818. I drove my car from the backseat. I included this because I was so good at it and seem to do it often.

32. I won an award. I don't know what the award was for, but both Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn were in the front row of the audience, smiling and applauding.

11. I climbed a clock tower to an amazing other world.

5. I graduated from an esoteric study course, I know because my transcript was signed off by the Elohim.

10. I was elected vice president to a student council in Africa. I couldn't be president because I hadn't been invloved in enough charities.

I didn't include some of the more mundane occupations I often find myself involved with in dreams.

I’d love to hear about any of your dream resume items that you'd like to share.

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Shauna Morrissey said...

What a wonderful exercise. I have been trying to remember anything from my recent dreams that would follow in this resume past but haven't yet come up with anything. I do remember one about being a boxer and fighting my way through cobwebs but somehow I think this is more a comment on my current conscious state than subconscious.
By the way your new work is amazing.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Shauna,

Thank you.

Great dream - I think boxing your way through cobwebs is a wonderful item for your dream resume!

Thanks for visiting.

Jean Spitzer said...

I'm not sure what might go on my dream resume from current dreams. I don't remember what I dreamed last night. I could certainly dredge up old, once regularly recurring dreams, which include things like flying without benefit of wings and traveling on buses, plus the "here's the final and don't remember signing up for the class" dream. I need to pay a better attention when I wake up, I guess.

Caio Fern said...

hi ! always i visit your blog i feel realy good . your work is beautiful!!!

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Jean,

It seems like the more dreams you write down then the more dreams you remember. I'd go ahead and include past flying dreams because they're so much fun!

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you for visiting Caio! I like your work too.

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