Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cathedrals, Colonial Architecture, and Cats

In San Miguel it seems like almost everything is within walking distance and at the center of the town is this very whimsical cathedral - La Parroquia – if cathedrals are allowed to be considered whimsical.

All the streets are made of cobblestone, making it a good idea to wear comfortable shoes

Because it is a national monument everything must conform to the colonial architecture, including it seems the mounted policemen, who never seemed to be having much fun.

At breakfast on our first day we discovered four cats – one, a white one with tufted ears, was so bold as to jump directly into my lap and demand bacon. She quickly became our adopted pet during our stay. She would come by at night and rattle the door to be let in. Eventually we learned that she knew a way across the roof and onto the balcony and could come and go through a window left ajar.

I know she was after any food that we might have, but I didn’t realize she’d be so cuddly, eventually sleeping on the bed every night.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Cranes of San Miguel

Last week I went to San Miguel de Allende with a group of friends. We arrived on a Saturday night that happened to coincide with a Cuban festival involving music and fireworks. Whenever the fireworks would explode white cranes would take off into the sky and glide overhead - feathers illuminated from the firework's glow. In the morning we could see that they nest in the trees above the Bed and Breakfast. My guess is that they get food from a nearby lake. As far as I can see they don't seem to reside in any other location within San Miguel de Allende.

We drove past this lake on the way to Gunajuato. Probably it's the lake that the cranes get their food from.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Frequent Visitor: Snowy Egret in my neighbor's pond

Often when I am walking past the kitchen window I catch a glimpse of this out of the corner of my eye. It's a snowy egret standing in my neighbors pond. He likes to feast on the fish.

And then later, when I was out walking the dog, I saw him (or her) again.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Balls in the (studio) air

At the time that I was figuring on finishing all the paintings in progress in the studio, I hadn't anticipated how much time I would need to spend grappling with tax returns. That's not how I would normally choose to prioritize things, but this year I'm hoping for a refund. I'm thrilled to have finally finished those - the returns, that is. Signed and put in the mail; certified, return receipt requested. I came pretty close to completing everything in progress in the studio anyway, in the week since. The first one below is very close, although I know I'll go in and do a few more glazes.

This next one is also close, but I want to add a bit more atmosphere to the sky.

And on these last three, I just want to have some more fun with before I call them done.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The days are getting longer

Winding Trail

18 x 12"

oil on linen

I've noticed the days getting longer - that's good news to me in the studio and in general. More light to paint with, more opportunity to walk the dog, and more growth for the plants. I started sheet mulching an area last year to prepare the ground for vegetables. Some seedlings are ready to plant now if I can find the time, and the rain barrels are full for watering them. Some of the daffodils have started blooming. With any luck they'll have a chance to be in flower for a while before it gets too hot.

I have six paintings in progress and I'm hoping to have them all complete within the next two weeks. That shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Because of Cole's illness I have to give him water through a feeding tube every hour and that keeps me from wandering too far from the easel. He seems to be stable for the time being as well as being extremely cooperative for the most part.

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