Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Murmuration Preview is Now Online

An early sneak peek of the Murmuration exhibition is now online for newsletter subscribers. If you'd like to see it sign up by clicking the link below.

Do not worry. I will not bombard you with endless emails. Plus you can easily unsubscribe anytime you want.

Or simply wait until the show opens in April!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds, Birds...and a Wave

original oil painting, contemporary,gray blue, murmuration, phenomena, ocean, wave, ethereal, two piece, modular, large
Wave section of work in progress   oil on linen   8 x 60"

I've been painting bird after bird after bird. When I close my eyes I see bird shapes - not necessarily a bad thing!

The image above is the bottom portion of a modular painting - this 8 x 60" section is part of the two piece work, that will be 48 x 60" overall. You can see a detail view of another section in the post below. This part is complete. The rest is still getting some adjustments, and, can you guess? Right! Birds.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Now Smoother and with More Birds

original oil painting, contemporary, gray blue, murmuration, phenomena, ocean, sky, wave, flocking bird storm, ethereal, two piece modular, large

Here's another look at one of the final paintings I'm working on for my next show - only about six more weeks until it's time for hanging it. It's a modular piece so you're seeing part of the top and part of the bottom together. The surface is continuing to co-operate now, lying smoother and flatter; as I wrote about in another post.

Did you ever start working on a project and then start to see signs of a similar interest or subject everywhere? While working on this series I noticed that the murmuration phenomena has expanded. I'm seeing short videos everywhere depicting murmuration events. I've started seeing articles about business and finance that have latched onto the word to describe their system or process and recently I saw a movie that used the idea as a special visual effect, as sort of an apocalyptic vision. I'm not sure if all of these references were always there and I'm just noticing because of my association or if it has simply increased in the past few months.

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