Thursday, July 22, 2010

Counting Raindrops

Driving Home in the Rain in progress
12 x 16" oil on linen
©2010 Katherine Kean

I'm developing this painting from a photo I took looking out the car window as I was driving home. The image wasn't shot during this past rainy season, but from a few years ago and has been sitting in my image file all the while waiting for it's time. I am fascinated with the way the drops from a fine drizzle sparkle on the windshield and the effect I feel it brings to an otherwise ordinary view.

I've painted as much as possible of the background before adding the drops, pretty much everything except the foreground drops which I've just started defining, starting with the larger ones. At first I found the definition of the drops a little startling, having as they do so much more focus then the rest of the scene, but I've adjusted to how it looks and having decided it is correct I'll go on to complete this treatment for the many, many remaining drops on the windshield. What's holding me back? I need to get some more tiny brushes. The ones I have are all worn out. Hopefully this week I'll get a chance to get to the art supply store.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Volcano Art Exhibition

I learned about this exhibition from the Volcanism blog, it's called Volcano: Turner to Warhol featuring five centuries of volcano art, obviously including Turner and Warhol, among others, as well as a selection of work from Icelandic artists. If I were in the UK I'd definitely go see it.

Below is an excerpt from a corner installation by James P. Graham, called Iddu, which means Him in Sicialian dialect, created over a five year period upon the Stromboli volcano:

A review of the exhibition from the Gaurdian.

I just found and started following the Volcanism Blog last week and it has quickly become my place to go to for all things volcano.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Santa Monica Pier work in progress
12 x 16" oil on linen ☺2010 Katherine Kean

I count celebrating the Fourth of July as my final signal that summer is indeed here. I had made goals to have certain things complete for summer, so that I could relax and enjoy it and this included finishing essential repairs and upgrades on my house. This weekend was hectic. The painters seemed as intent as I to finish and did so late on Saturday. In fact they were still working on the details when I left for the evening. Finish they did and I spent much of Sunday moving things around to be ready in time to watch fireworks from the deck, although we did end up walking down the block for a better view - the trees are just too high these days to see over, which is fine with me!

By later that night, early on the fifth actually, it became apparent that everything had been just too much for Bear. Perhaps a combination of feeling like he was responsible for guarding the house from the painters all week, together with the fireworks - a big display and all the accompanying booming happening within 6 blocks of the house, all made him over anxious. When he wouldn't settle down, continuing to cry and bark periodically long after the fireworks were over, a late night trip to the emergency vet was necessary. There they checked him over and then gave him a sedative which calmed him down for the next twelve hours. He got the rest he needed - and so did I, and now he's back to his normal, sunny self.

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