Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The days are getting longer

Winding Trail

18 x 12"

oil on linen

I've noticed the days getting longer - that's good news to me in the studio and in general. More light to paint with, more opportunity to walk the dog, and more growth for the plants. I started sheet mulching an area last year to prepare the ground for vegetables. Some seedlings are ready to plant now if I can find the time, and the rain barrels are full for watering them. Some of the daffodils have started blooming. With any luck they'll have a chance to be in flower for a while before it gets too hot.

I have six paintings in progress and I'm hoping to have them all complete within the next two weeks. That shouldn't be too much of a challenge. Because of Cole's illness I have to give him water through a feeding tube every hour and that keeps me from wandering too far from the easel. He seems to be stable for the time being as well as being extremely cooperative for the most part.


Meowart said...

Of course, this is exactly the kind of painting I had in mind when I was walking through Descanso Gardens!

Katherine Kean said...

It is lovely there. I haven't been in awhile - I'll have to get over there soon.

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