Friday, March 13, 2009

Balls in the (studio) air

At the time that I was figuring on finishing all the paintings in progress in the studio, I hadn't anticipated how much time I would need to spend grappling with tax returns. That's not how I would normally choose to prioritize things, but this year I'm hoping for a refund. I'm thrilled to have finally finished those - the returns, that is. Signed and put in the mail; certified, return receipt requested. I came pretty close to completing everything in progress in the studio anyway, in the week since. The first one below is very close, although I know I'll go in and do a few more glazes.

This next one is also close, but I want to add a bit more atmosphere to the sky.

And on these last three, I just want to have some more fun with before I call them done.


Melissa said...

I love these. what size is that top one?

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Melissa!

The top one is 30 x 30".

The next one is 20 x 10" (I think).

The two little ones are 6 x 6" and the last 18 x 36".

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