Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cathedrals, Colonial Architecture, and Cats

In San Miguel it seems like almost everything is within walking distance and at the center of the town is this very whimsical cathedral - La Parroquia – if cathedrals are allowed to be considered whimsical.

All the streets are made of cobblestone, making it a good idea to wear comfortable shoes

Because it is a national monument everything must conform to the colonial architecture, including it seems the mounted policemen, who never seemed to be having much fun.

At breakfast on our first day we discovered four cats – one, a white one with tufted ears, was so bold as to jump directly into my lap and demand bacon. She quickly became our adopted pet during our stay. She would come by at night and rattle the door to be let in. Eventually we learned that she knew a way across the roof and onto the balcony and could come and go through a window left ajar.

I know she was after any food that we might have, but I didn’t realize she’d be so cuddly, eventually sleeping on the bed every night.


Matt said...

I always have great appreciation for cats bold enough to jump into the lap of a stranger. It looks like you had a great stay.

Katherine Kean said...
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Katherine Kean said...

Hi Zatod!

With people only staying for a few days at a time I think she has learned to work fast. It worked for me - I was captivated.

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