Monday, June 29, 2009

April Gornik Videos

I set some time aside this weekend to look at the 2007 Art/New York No. 62 DVD I picked up at April Gornik’s exhibit.

In this video she talks about her road from conceptual artist to landscape painter. She talks about how scale is important to her work and the idea of making the work a size to include a human body rather than showing people within the paintings. She goes on to say where some of her inspiration comes from; her own and other's photographs, from novels, and from imagination; as in following an imaginary waterway. She also discusses the perspective of her work, her intuitive way of working, and how her work differs from the Luminist painters to whom she is often compared. There are some clips of her working in the studio: I thought it was interesting to see her working over the red underpainting for one of her blue toned cloud/seascapes.

Other interviews in this DVD about April Gornik are with art critic Donald Kuspit, curator Dede Young, and gallery owner, Renato Danese.

Here is an excerpt:

While looking around for the link I found another, more recent clip for you from New Art TV:

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Melissa said...

I haven't seen these, but I have visited that New Art Site before. I don't remember how that happened... probably as a result of an April Gornik stalk, I mean search.

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