Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Long Island Road Trip

After I had made plans to fly back east for a long overdue visit with my parents I found out that one of my favorite artists, April Gornik, is having an exhibition in Long Island. On a whim I googled the directions from Cape Cod to the Heckschler Museum where her work is showing. According to the link it would be a mere 255 miles taking about 4 and a half hours.

I've never seen any of Gornik's paintings in person so this seemed like a great opportunity and 4 1/2 hours isn't too much of a drive, right? I invited my parents to come along if they wished, or not, if it seemed like just too long in the car to see a few paintings by an artist they hadn't heard much about. To my delight they decided to go - lucky for me, because it actually turned out to be about a six hour trip each way, partially due to construction and stops. My dad is an excellent navigator which made it much easier on me as the driver.

For the return trip we drove to the end of Long Island and took the ferry to New London, Connecticut. It was my first time on a car carrying ferry and it turned out to be a relaxing way to go. The ferry ride just about breaks the trip in half and gives an opportunity to relax and have a bite while enjoying the views.

Photos taken from the car on Long Island:

Getting on the Ferry:

I'll post my thoughts about the exhibit on Friday.

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