Friday, June 20, 2008

New Tree

A friend brought me a new tree the other day. It's a Norfolk Pine, the kind that many people have for a living Christmas Tree. They make excellent houseplants or live happily on a deck. However they can eventually outgrow a pot and given the chance will eventually grow to massive proportions.

I haven't picked out a permanent place in the garden yet and given the current heat wave I'll wait until conditions are better for planting.


Cassandra Tondro said...

Hi Katherine,

I have a Norfolk Island Pine in my backyard that started out as a baby houseplant over 30 years ago. Now it's about 100 feet tall, and it's gorgeous! The squirrels and the birds like it, too. Yours looks big for that little pot. Definitely time to put it in the ground.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Cassandra,

Wow, 100 feet tall, that's great!

I'm looking forward to that kind of growth.

Meowart said...

Oops, haven't checked out your blog in a while... happy to see "my" Norfolk pine being shown off to the world. I miss her (yes, I definitely think of her as a she now) everytime I open the door to my deck and see that empty space, and so does my cat, Pharoah. He still sits in the same spot on the wall where the pine used to give him some shade. But I'm glad she has a happy new home!

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