Sunday, June 29, 2008

Afternoon in the Lagoon

This is Malibu Lagoon, a saltwater marsh where Malibu Creek empties into the Pacific. As I understand it this area was previously used as a dump site, but in the 80's was excavated to restore the marsh habitat. The restoration results in a beautiful and very popular place, although it continues to suffer from pollution caused by urban runoff.

We had a great time getting here. Deciding to take surface streets instead of freeways we ended up taking Moomat Ahiko Way to get to PCH instead of the California Incline. We are both long time residents of Southern California and we couldn't remember ever taking this street before. It turns out that the name was changed in 2004. It was formerly Route 187. The new name means "Breath of the Ocean" and is of the Tongva language

Fellow painter Barbara:

Curiously, after finding a spot with a decent view off the main path and concealed somewhat by vegetation we set up to paint only to have two men come along needing to measure a part of the area we were occupying. Fortunately it only took them a few minutes to take their measurements and leave.


Derek said...

That countryside looks wonderful! It's always nice to get out of the town and explore.

We went driving to some new places recently (see my blog.) Oh, I have a postcard to send you from our weekend travels (last weekend we went to see my parents and did some touring on the way back.)

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Derek,

It is always fun to explore! I'm glad to see you guys touring around - I can hardly wait to see pictures.

Derek said...

I will email you some, and get the postcard on its way to you tomorrow! :)

have a great weekend