Friday, June 06, 2008

Distance Close

We had perfect weather for the artist reception at TAG Gallery last weekend. And since the new, cooler lights have been installed it never became too hot in the gallery even with all the people filling the space.

Photo courtesy of Anne M. Bray

It was great to see so many friends and wonderful to have the opportunity to meet some new friends. A couple of people came that I've only emailed with before; it was super to meet them in person.

The exhibition continues through June 14th. The gallery hours are Wednesday - Saturday from 11am until 5pm.


Derek said...

Glad it all went well. I would love to have come. Shame we are so far away!

Best wishes,

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Derek! In the future I'll try to arrange to have an exhibit closer to you and Carla.

Derek said...

:) I'm sure you could show your artwork internationally - it is wonderful. Maybe we can organise a show for your work in England one day!

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