Monday, December 29, 2014

Most Popular Posts 2014

Rainy, cloudy, stormy, snowy, the most visited posts on my blog this year are all on artwork focused on the weather.

#5 Painterly Progression
 "...varied and broken brushstrokes, sketchiness,  impasto..." 

#4 Billowing Clouds Go By and By
Inspired by Scotland, this painting went to Palm Springs, then Monrovia, and then found a new home.

#3 Suburban Murmuration Drawing
An imaginary flock of birds and a suburban home.
#2 Chasing Clouds Another painting that went to Palm Springs, heading soon to Burbank.

#1 A Little Snow On the Marsh The most popular 2014 post from my blog is this simple charcoal sketch.


Kathryn Hansen said...

All beautiful pieces Katherine!!

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Kathryn!

Shelley Whiting's art said...

I understand why these posts are visited. Very outstanding skill with the weather.

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you Shelley!

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