Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Fall in New England: Wind and Rain and Snow (???) Oh My!

IMG_3090 by Katherine Kean
Geese in the Blackstone River Valley, New England
 I managed a quick trip to New England - dare I say a whirlwind trip? No, I better not. While hoping to catch some transitional color, in the past week it feels as if I have experienced every type of weather. Rain and fog in Los Angeles turned into warm and sun, followed by rain in New England which turmed into bright, sunny blue skies. The blue skies were quickly replaced with rain and snow and wind - and lots of it! We were lucky, managing to be on the road on the brightest of days and arriving ahead of the storm to stay cozy and warm inside during the worst of the squall. The sun the next day was strong enough to melt any snow that may have been an obstacle to the return trip. Not all were so lucky, many people had power outages or experienced travel delays and it was probably not much fun for children to go trick or treating with mittens and boots and heavy coats.

While I was assured that I was not seeing the best of it, I was happy with the foliage I got to see and the combination of leafy and bare branches. I like the smoky effect produced by the layers of leafless trees, punctuated here and there with bursts of color and that I could see the structure of the forest and varieties of tree height.

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