Monday, November 07, 2011

Photo Foibles

I was all set to follow up to Kathryn Hansen's post My 7 Links, when I experienced an internet mishap. While editing my Google + profile I noticed pages and pages of old photos displayed. They seemed irrelevant and I couldn't see a method to limit their visability. However I did see a delete button and decided to use it. The usual warning appeared, "are you sure, cannot be restored" etc. I was sure - and I still am - I do not want those photos on that profile and so I clicked yes to delete and thought no more about it...until the next day when I saw that everywhere on my blog where a photo used to be was this :

It turns out that Google + has linked all of their platforms together, which includes both Blogger and Picassa web albums, so deleting the album in one place deletes it everywhere.Seven years of images were removed. Fortunately I have almost all, if not all of the photos I deleted and I can replace them one by one. I've already taken care of about 10 % of this. I really feel for the people who  have uploaded directly from cell phones and other ways that may not have a hard drive copy.

I will address the My 7 Links concept in a future post. With so much material missing, right now doesn't seem like the best time for a review..


Kathryn Hansen said... must have just cried! i feel so bad for you, having to go back and re-enter all the photos...i wish you much luck (and patience!)!!

Katherine Kean said...

I admit - I was not too happy with Google.

Thanks for wishing me luck and patience. It might actually be a good opportunity for a review as re-post the photos.

Catherine said...

Your post really caught my attention and I could so easily have done the same thing. Thanks for the warning. Your work is really beautiful and worth restoring, thinking of you:~)

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you!

I think it could easily happen to a lot of people. My impression from the Google Help Forum leads me to believe that unfortunately it already has.

I hope Google will do something to prevent it from continuing. In the meantime, thank goodness for hard drive storage.

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