Monday, July 06, 2009

How to Put a Text Link in a Blogger Comment So That It Opens in a New Window

Now we're getting fancy. Here's an update to Friday's post about putting a link in a Blogger comment. As Marianne Post pointed out the code I demonstrated opens the link in the same window - thereby losing the page we're on, and we don't want that. In order to have it open in a new window this must be added at the end of the url, after the quotation mark and before the less than sign that starts the text:

All together that gives us this to start:

then the url within the quotation marks:"


and last the text with the closing tags:

And the end result is the clickable text link that opens in a new window:

How to Add a Text Link to a Blogger Comment


Jean Spitzer said...

I just added a link to a post, but it seems to do what "we don't want," i.e., take us away from the page, rather than opening a new tab. I'm clearly going to have to work on my linking skills at some point. There's so much I don't know about blogging, even the basics.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Jean,

Thank goodness that it isn't the end of the world if something isn't linking properly. I find that it can be tricky - especially when the code isn't visible to see what the mistakes might be!

Anonymous said...

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tribalstylemedia said...

this is very cool! thanks so much I've been looking for an easy way to do this!

Gene Black said...

<A HREF=" target=blank> My site </A"

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Gene - Thanks for the link - I think some quotation marks dropped off (after the url and around _blank. See if this works:
My site

Beautiful artwork! Thanks for visiting.

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