Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ready to Work

Yesterday I felt as if I were running to catch a train all day. I was a little bit behind on every project. I realized at last that I was not going to be able to catch up and instead relaxed and accomplished what I could. Today I feel refreshed and ready to get to work.

This week I want to finish the underpainting on a second large (40 x 60") painting. The sketch of it is here. By the end of next month I'd like to have the two large paintings that I began this month complete, along with a third one that will be 45 x 60". There is also another 30 x 40" that is so close to being finished, but needs just a little more work to complete too.

The photo above is Bear in his usual spot in the studio - right in front of the door. Bear is always ready for action and wouldn't miss a day in the studio, even if what he does the most there is sleep.


Gabrielle said...

Awww, Bear looks like a real sweetie. I love it when dogs smile. Thanks for your comments on my posts. Can't wait to see your paintings!

Dianne Poinski said...

What a beautiful dog!

I am glad you realized your limits the other day.

I have done that too. I feel crazy busy but it doesn't feel like I am accomplishing anything. I am learning to listen to my body and take time out when I start to feel overwhelmed. And like you, I feel better after doing that.

Katherine Kean said...

Gabrielle and Dianne - Thanks from Bear!

Dianne - It does feel better to stay in sync with your body, doesn't it?

Laura Frankstone said...

Yes, a very beautiful dog! Best of luck with your work plans---I'm sure you'll be able to accomplish exactly what you want to. I look forward to following our progress here. I'm taking a cue from you today and resting up so I can be full steam ahead tomorrow!

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you Laura!

Full steam ahead it (now) is.

Jean Spitzer said...

This photo makes me smile. Bear looks like he likes being part of the artist's life.

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