Monday, March 10, 2014

The Representational Artists Conference 2014

Little  more than an hour away from Los Angeles, Ventura, CA was the location for TRAC 2014. Feeling lucky that it was nearby, I bought tickets, booked a room, got a cat sitter for Zabrina, and off I went. There were people from all over the US and a dozen countries all gathered together to share ideas about representational art. 

Odd Nerdrum
Roger Scruton
Organized by Michael Pearce, key speakers were Roger Scruton and Odd Nerdrum along with notable presentations from art world scholars and practitioners, among them Michael Zakian, Jan-Ove Tuv, Brandon Kralik, John Seed, Michael Pearce, numerous others. In fact, one of the sad things about conferences is having to choose to hear only 14 presentations out of a possible 40 some papers.

The presentations were broken up by painting demonstrations and field trips to local exhibitions, including Women by Women at the Kwan Fong Gallery, where we were in time for a talk from Ruth Weisberg and Resonating Images at the William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art.

Women by Women Kwan Fong Gallery
Resonating Images William Rolland Gallery of Fine Art

 My head is quite full of intriguing ideas, images, and philosophies about what art is, or is not, or was, or was not, or maybe will be. It is an ongoing conversation. 


Kathryn Hansen said...

wow, that sounds like a great conference...will be super interesting to hear more of what you learned and if it effects your art at all!

Katherine Kean said...

It was inspiring and educational. I'll post more about the specifics soon.

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