Friday, February 21, 2014

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair 2014: Part 2, Home Tour

The day after delivery and installation of the artwork we were treated to home tours, visiting the homes to see the collections of Donna MacMillan and Justin Baldwin. 

If I had to summarize the collection of art at the MacMillan residence with two words I'd say it was whimsical and full of light. 

The house contained the largest collection of Dale Chihuly glass work I've ever seen together at one time. 


Everywhere I looked there was something witty or intriguing. 

The home of Justin Baldwin also filled to the brim with art, had a different feeling. Much of the interior felt solid and grounded, balanced by the airy and spacious views.

The view from the back can be seen through floor to ceiling windows. Sculptures reflect on each side of the pool. 

Part three and final installment of images from the 2014 Palm Springs Fine Art Fair will follow soon.


Kathryn Hansen said...

i love that first home with all the Chihuly pieces...what a fun place to live!!

Katherine Kean said...

Kathryn, I bet it is fun to live surrounded by all that artwork.

Jean Spitzer said...

Chihuly is wonderful. Lucky collector, to live with it.

Katherine Kean said...

Jean, I agree. This collector had Chihuly installed in the modern moats and waterways that ran from the entranceway and through the house to the back, where people might have koi fish. It was fun to look down from the bridge and see, or step ovcr walking through the dining area.