Monday, February 24, 2014

Palm Springs Fine Art Fair: Part 3, Fun Moments

Cara Barer Lilac 7/9
Looking up and down the aisles at all the booths this image caught my eye. From a distance I thought this might be an abstracted flower. Close up I realized it's a book.

Can you read it? I think it says, "something off down the hall through the cracked door" and then, "I think I already tried the obvious response".  Could it be Infinite Jest, by David Foster Wallace?

Above, that's not a sculpture, it's an actual person. This helicopter installation, calleRide-em-Copter by California Artist Steve Maloney, quiet through most of the weekend, made one or two, odd and yet loud, trumpeting blasts on the last day. Someone quipped, "Something must have sold!"

Many dogs came by. I thought this one matched Susie McKay Krieser's outfit, so I took their picture. She is a therapy dog and her name is Kaper.

In case you're wondering, she's a long haired whippet.

Susie returned the favor and managed to take a shot with both of us looking at the camera.

I took some time out to run over to the Palm Springs Art Museum and see the Diebenkorn exhibition. It was a nice perk they gave that allowed me to flash my exhibitor's pass and get in free. I thought it might be quieter there than the fair, and it was, but it was almost as crowded, which is to be expected on the last weekend of such a stellar exhibition.

Back at the Fair it was wonderful to visit with friends that came by, including Kathryn Hansen. Her boyfriend took one of my favorite photos - you can see it on Kathryn's blog here.

And then, it's a wrap! Within an hour of the closing time, most of the walls were bare and much of it already loaded up and on the way out of town.


Kathryn Hansen said...

I didn't see the book! How did that happen?! I thought I saw it all!! And what a nice surprise...I so was happy to see you and the show, it was just wonderful!! I do have to wear more comfortable shoes next time tho!!

Katherine Kean said...

Kathryn, you know artwork is often changed out, new pieces put up and others taken down - or sold. Theoretically one could go each day the fair is open and see all new work. I saw them changing the artwork in one of the booths across the aisle about an hour before the fair closed.

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