Monday, August 13, 2012

Pinterest Collections as Focus for Inspiration

Have you ever noticed how your Pinterest Art Boards can help to define your focus? That's happened for me. Here is a recent screen shot of one of my Art Pin Boards where I pin the images of other artists' work that I am attracted to, admire, or feel inspired by:

Looking at this I become aware that I am attracted to neutral and warm colors, golds and some red.  I always knew there was a lot of blue in my work and although I often under paint in gold or orange,  warm colors are not something I automatically reach for.

I see certain composition ideas repeating: strong vertical and diagonal lines, a central burst of light that radiates out, as well as a leaning toward a formal structure, balanced by amorphous or flowing shapes.

I tend to think first of subject matter or mood when thinking about art, but without that basis I see the abstract qualities of art I am attracted to, how I like for the canvas to be divided, what the shapes and colors are, whether contrast is strong, or edges sharp or soft and so on.

I'm sure that each person's boards function differently for him or her, but I was startled by how clearly this one became a snapshot of my current aesthetic preferences. Do you have any Pinterest boards? If so, what have your collections shown you?


Unknown said...

Yes! I've noticed the same thing with pinterest, and also with websites that I bookmark or follow. One concern about Pinterest, I've run across some artwork that was repinned and did not include the artist's name anywhere with it. But I guess it's up to the artist to put their name in the description.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Katherine, I appreciate that concern! It is so important to make sure that the artist is credited. Ideally since every image on Pinterest is a link one can just click on it to discover who the artist is. Also, when pinning, any information that is highlighted before clicking the pin button will be included in the description, and if it is not included the first time it can always be added later.

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