Monday, August 20, 2012

Home Stretch

Katherine Kean, triptych, original oil painting, orange, red, trees
Branches triptych work in progress ©2012 Katherine Kean
oil on linen 8 x 8 in. each panel

I'm looking forward to completing the triptych shown above soon. When I get a chance, I find it's helpful for me to step back and look at work as a photo. I see things - overall patterns and suggestions that I'm not as likely to see on the easel where I'm focused more on details. It's helpful to get a look before it's too late to incorporate what I can learn from this perspective.

It's been challenging to find painting time this summer - a hazard for me as soon as the weather turns nice! Plus, I've had so many other studio projects happening, everything from re-photographing my current inventory for high resolution display to adding prices to all the work on my website. It is all getting done and for that I can thank the latest heat wave that has made it too hot to be distracted by the garden.


Kathryn Hansen said...

yeah...i like the camera check even more than the mirror check...especially after i've been a way from the piece for a bit! a whole new perspective!

Your triptych is wonderful!

Katherine Kean said...

It often seems to me that the camera is more objective in some way.

Thanks, glad you like it!

flowers of my mind said...

Yes, does it for me too. Great tool! And yes, hard to keep a focus with all the other things that come with painting and need to be done. Hope you find some heat wave capturing you in the studio ;)

Jean Spitzer said...

Camera works well, especially black and white.

I love these, separately and together, very strong design.

Katherine Kean said...

Yes, Claudia - so many things to get done, aren't there? I'm glad for the tools that help to paint 'smart'. :)

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Jean - good point! Removing the color can help to highlight the composition and show up weaknesses.

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