Tuesday, June 28, 2011

When the weather is fine

Marsh Path sketch ©2011 Katherine Kean 6 x 6"

I find this time of year the best for painting. The days are long and there is plenty of light.On warm days my studio is always cool and inviting and I have a freshly stretched 48 x 48" linen ready to paint.

The drawing above combines a typical view of the sky from my house together with a marsh field from Cape Cod. These elements together male a place that doesn't exist, but could be almost anywhere.


Kathryn Hansen said...

how awesome combining the two!! can hardly wait to see the progress of it!!

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Kathryn!

I like combining various elements to create new compostions.

Catarina Garcia said...

wow! loved the sketch!

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you Catarina!

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