Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Suburban Renewal

Laze 10 x 8" oil on canvas
© 2010 Katherine Kean

I'm bringing this small painting in to the gallery to hang in the loft area. This painting has been adjusted and then reworked and then readjusted and reworked again bringing it almost full circle back to where it started. I like the colors, the surprise of the blue on yellow, and this got me to exploring the effect of yellow in other work.

Speaking of color, I feel like I'm involved in an ongoing suburban renewal project. It started with a few minor repairs and then blossomed to include car repairs and inevitably having the car repainted. My car is old to begin with and it got sandblasted by the wind storms after the station fire with all the loose dirt and ash blowing off the mountains. It runs too well to trade in though so instead is getting tuned up and renovated. In the meantime I'm carless - except for rentals - for two weeks! It's a good thing I've got plenty to keep me busy in the studio.

My house is due to be painted too and I've been mulling over color choices. I'm leaning towards a deep, earthy green for the body, with dark crimson and warm white accents and trim. Every time I think I've got it all worked out I'll see another variation that I have to check out. There's still time for decisions though, because winter hasn't quite finished with us yet and there may still be rain.


Anne M Bray said...

the piece looks like a gem -- can't wait to see it in person!

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Anne - and right back at you - I hope to see some of those gorgeous shoe drawings in person too.

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