Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Seven and Seven: Two Lists

I was given this blog award by Kim Bennett, of Kim Bennett's Studio, a wonderful artist, a teacher and a blogger...Many thanks Kim!

The award comes with two duties: share seven things my fellow bloggers don't know about me; pass the award to seven worthy artists. So here goes.

Seven things about me you might not know:

1. I was a vegetarian in my teens. This prompted my mother to research and cook strange (at the time) alternative recipes, things like Lentil Loaf, in order to keep me healthy.

2. I have some fused vertebrae in my neck - you'd never know, except that I can't do headstands in yoga.

3. I discovered my artistic abilities because as a kid I was nuts about horses and started drawing them to compensate for not having one.

4. As a child I broke my back (just a little) falling off a horse - still love them anyway! Oh and it healed quickly with no fuss - one of the the wonders of youth.

5. I lived in South Korea for 6 weeks as an animator back in the day.

6. I was an animator back in the day.

7. My great, great, grandfather's name was Oonomoo. I don't know why.

Seven artists:

1. Melissa Reischman - Art and Other Creative Endeavors. Melissa's a fantastic artist and a graphic designer, an amazing cook, and a wonderful neighbor.

2. Anne M. Bray - Sketches and Impressions. I've had the pleasure of exhibiting alongside Anne twice and I love her work.

3. Dianne Hoeptner - I've never met Dianne in person, but I feel like I have! Dianne can paint anything, but I know her flowers best, and she paints prolifically.

4. Jean Spitzer - Jean's Paintings. Jean amazes me with her work - powerful figures and landscapes.

5. Laurelines - Laura's blog has been one of my favorites and an inspiration for quite a while. It's like a beautifully illustrated travel log/diary.

6. Lynne E. Windsor Fine Art - I've been an admirer of Lynne Windsor's painting for some time and I was happy to see she's recently started a blog!

7. Gary Keimig - Another wonderful painter. Gary does amazing work out in nature under the big skies.

It was hard to keep this list to just seven blog artists. I feel priveleged to connect to so many talented and accomplshed artists in the blog world and I may have to come back and add to this list in the near future.

1 comment:

Jean Spitzer said...

Thank you, Katherine. I learn so much from your blog and love your painting, both works in progress and completed. So being appreciated by you is very special.

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