Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Small Work: Cypress Grove Point Lobos

Katherine Kean Cypress Grove watercolor 3 x 4"

It's already time again to bring new work in to the gallery. This past month has gone quickly. Thankfully, Cole is starting to feel and look a little bit better. He has come out of his hiding place way in the back of the closet where I put some thick towels to make him more comfortable and he more or less slowly follows me around. He still isn't eating or drinking on his own and having to keep up with taking care of that by hand is keeping me on a very short leash with trying to time every trip out to an hour or less. That wasn't too difficult this past week or so, because I've had a cold that kept me home anyway and not doing much except sneezing and coughing and using up every tissue in the house. With all of this my studio time has been very limited, but I am back on track this week. I have two paintings in their final stages and two started and today I finally got around to updating portfolio pages. Hopefully a website update will soon follow.

I'm bringing the diminuitive watercolor above for the ever changing North Gallery, at
TAG. It's a sketch from the Cypress Grove in Point Lobos State Park. In keeping with the times I've been focusing on presenting smaller, more affordable pieces.

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