Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Groundhog Day

It's unusual to see these three all hanging out together. The sudden togetherness is mostly due to the fact that one of them, Cole, the dark one, has recently become sick. He has chronic kidney failure complicated by dental problems and anemia. He has lost a scary amount of weight over the past two weeks. He had oral surgery last week to extract a tooth and they put a feeding tube in at that time. While his mouth heals I can give him water every hour, food every four hours, and medication every twelve hours, which, as squeamish as I am, is much easier with the tube. He spent most of this past weekend hiding in the closet, although some time during the night he managed to find his way to the bedroom and jump up on the bed on his own power, because when I woke up this morning he was sleeping next to me. As a very independent outdoor cat - known for his amazing hunting skills, it's unusual to have Cole indoors so much. His mother was homeless and he and his siblings were born in a field and he still has his wild habits. Using a litterbox is unfamiliar, but he's starting to catch on.

Bear, the Eskie in the picture above, as the one seemingly in charge of everything going on in the house is very curious about what's going on and a little too curious about the tube coming from the cat that smells a little bit like cat food. I am reminded all too well about the incident with the forgotten catheter a couple of years ago. While I am taking care of Cole he looks on with great concern and if I leave the room he comes after me, barking to let me know that Cole is in the closet!

In between trips to the vet I got this painting started, which I'll continue to work on between feedings:


Melissa said...

I hope Cole feels better soon.
That painting is gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished piece.

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Melissa! Cole is a little bit perkier today. Now if I can just get rid of this cold I can get back to work!

Meowart said...

Friday and Pharoah are sending healing vibes to Cole. The painting looks amazing just the way it is!

Katherine Kean said...

Thank you! And Cole says thanks to Friday and Pharoah - he starting to feel a little better.

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