Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shadow Barking

My dog, Bear, likes very much to watch TV. Whenever another dog appears on the screen he growls a warning and if it doesn't vanish right away he starts barking at it. Over the years he has extended this treatment to include cats, birds, horses, cows, goats, indeed any animal. It doesn't matter if it is a movie, a TV show, or a commercial. He also growls and barks at animated cartoons of animals, and it doesn't seem to matter if the animation is well done. Recently there was a movie with a scene of a boy making shadow puppets. Sure enough Bear's ears perked up and as soon as the shadow made a representation of a howling wolf the barking began.


Topwomen said...

what breed is Bear? It would seem he's got his territorial skills finely honed.

Matt said...

Our cat is very attentive to any animal she sees on TV, especially dogs, rodents, and birds.

Katherine Kean said...


He's an American Eskimo. One day I'll post a picture of him. Actually a picture of any American Eskimo dog would do, they all look exactly the same.

Katherine Kean said...


I love it when cats want to catch the TV bird!

Anonymous said...

What would your dog's reaction be if he saw Godzilla on the tv screen snarling at him?
And when Godzilla opens his mouth to breathe out his toxic breath will your dog run and hide behind the couch?

HOpefully he will stand up to this phony fake looking creature who is nothing more than a man in an oversize rubber suit.

Or maybe if they're showing "Nightmare On Elm Street" will your pooch cringe at the sight of nasty gnarly looking Freddy Kreuger?

Hopefully old Freddy won't be haunting him in his dreams as he seems to do to his victims in the movies.

This is quite appropriate to talk about as it's almost halloween.
I can remember quite a few horror films that gave me a nightmare or two.

One I remember was Phantasm and the other one was Frank Langella's Dracula.
The scene where Dr. Van helsing encounters Lucy (after she becomes a re-animated corpse aka vampire) underground below the cemetary is unpleasantly unforgettable.
That pale sunken face, the hideous visage of an old hag with blood oozing from her mouth as she stretches out her arms to him, and beckoning him seductively.
Smiling all the while and looking like the corpse that she was.
In comparison the creature from Nosfratau looked liked Winnie the pooh.
I couldn't sleep that night and the night after.

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