Sunday, June 11, 2006

Conscious Co-Creation

I didn't realize that there were videos on Google to watch until someone sent this link. Take a look; this one condenses a lot of learning into one movie:
The Secret of Conscious Creation. It's a good introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the law of attraction.


Matt said...

Thanks for the cool link. I read a couple posts about this movie, and people are saying good things about it.

Katherine Kean said...


You're very welcome. It's neat that it's free while available on Google.

Anonymous said...

The link no longer works. Google deleted it. I think it only lasted a day or so. :^<

Katherine Kean said...

I'm sorry the free link is no longer available. Thanks for letting me know.

Katherine Kean said...

Here is the link for "The Secret". This is not the free
link, that one has been deleted. I believe it's $4.95 to watch.

The Secret

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