Monday, May 11, 2015

Painting Dusk

Caspar David Friedrich A Walk at Dusk
Have you noticed how sometimes the sky at dusk creates an unbearable phenomena of color? I am often startled when I see it and pause to look and try to imagine what color, or combination of colors, might create the same indescribable low light effect in paint. I'm thinking of that almost colorless color that is still somehow full of light. The Friedrich painting above comes close in some ways to what I am thinking of.

Edward Hopper Shakespeare at Dusk
Conversely, sometimes at dusk one color seems to predominate. I suspect that part of the secret is in how our eyes perceive at this time of day. Hopper above, and Shaw below, nail down the effect simply and boldly.

George Shaw Scenes From the Passion: 10 Shilling Wood
Romantic pastoral or urban decadent, the indeterminate light of dusk compels with it's elusiveness, it's mystery, and it's mood - whatever that might be.

John Felsing Far From Babylon
Other well known favorites are George Innes, Atkinson Grimshaw, Dwight Tryon, the tonalists.

Suburban Murmuration 2 work in progress
©2015 Katherine Kean
This last one is a work in progress, with much to be done to the house.

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Anne M Bray said...

Thanks for introducing me to some artists that I didn't know!
I love doing dusk paintings. They are so moody.

Katherine Kean said...

They are moody! And you're an expert dusk painter.

Jean Spitzer said...

yours definitely has a night falling quality. well done.

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