Monday, March 30, 2015

Magic Island

I'm back from visiting the Big Island Hawaii. I travelled first to the Kona side, to the beautiful Mauna Lani Bay. The air was soft and warm, and not too hot. On the way there I could see the summit of Mauna Kea covered with snow.

A couple of days later, rested and refreshed, I drove north and then east and then south past Hilo to Pahoa. 

Along the way I found waterfalls and tropical gardens. In Pahoa I went to a Robert Moss dream workshop: The Temple of Dream Healing, which was like a journey - or series of journeys within a journey.

After the workshop disbanded I went to the Volcano and stayed on the crater. At night, and at dawn and dusk, I drew, painted and photographed the glow from within the crater. I got a couple of lucky shots of  nēnē flying over the crater.

In the daytime I explored the area around the volcano and drove the Chain of Craters road, tracing the history of the lava flows all the way down to the ocean and back again.

These 3 x 5 and 4 x 6 inch studies are reminders, that I'll use along with memories and reference photos to paint by.


Jean Spitzer said...

Beautiful watercolors. Sounds like a fabulous trip.

Katherine Kean said...

THank you Jean. I had a fabulous time.

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