Monday, January 28, 2013

An Afternoon at the LA Art Show

Saturday I went downtown to the LA Convention Center to see as much of the LA Art Show as I could see in an afternoon. It took place in a huge space and seemed endless. I suppose one can't expect to take it all in in a few hours, yet I made sure that I looked into every booth - but so much of it was a blur.

A few booths stood out to me, such as the Winterowd Gallery and the Erik Thomsen Gallery; both very well set up and elegantly arranged.

The Winterowd Gallery has some beautiful Charlie Burk Grass paintings.

I was also captivated by Sung-Tae Park's mesh wall sculptures at the Pyo Gallery Booth. They made such beautiful shadows.

One of the best aspects of the day was running into people I know in the crowd!

You can look through a catalog of the participating galleries online.

I had hoped to get o the Art Los Angeles Contemporary Fair on Sunday, but sadly my poor dog had to go to the pet emergency room for back pain. He's on medication now and feeling a little better and will see his regular vet today about further treatment. What happened to cause the injury remains a mystery.


Kathryn Hansen said...

omgosh...i thought we saw every single gallery booth there was, but you proved me wrong...i never saw the horse wall sculpture!! looks cool!!

my favorite gallery, like last years was Arcadia Gallery from New York.

was fun seeing you there!!

Kathryn Hansen said... did you think of Lee Nam Lee's digital art...did you see that? it was my favorite piece in the show!!

Katherine Kean said...

The Arcadia Gallery booth was beautiful!
I like Lee Nam's work, but I'm so in love with painting and drawing that all other mediums have a hard time holding my attention.
It was lots of fun seeing you there too!

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