Monday, February 27, 2012 Experience

Have you tried out It's a new art collecting website that I’ve been curious about ever since I first heard of it. I recently had the opportunity to try it out. It is image based – as a visual person, I find that's a positive attribute.
Starting with Tonalism as a primary interest, I am presented with a page that briefly defines the tonalist movement, suitably presenting James McNeil Whistler. Scrolling down reveals John Twachtman, Robert Henri, Alexander Helwig Wyant, Robert Smillie, Tryon, Eaton, Davis and so on. Several of the pieces I am shown are available.
Clicking on an individual work also brings up related work as defined by related content, for example I happened to choose Leonard Ochtman’s A Silent Morning – which is not for sale, however scrolling down I am also presented with several alternatives, chosen due to content-landscape, color, appearance – whether soft edge or soft focus, and technique -loose brushwork or gestural.
I eventually was lead to contemporary artists I hadn’t been aware of before, paintings that felt like a cross between a gestural Dali and a contemporary Emily Carr – which is not a bad thing, others like an ethereal Gerhard Richter, some with amazing subdued palettes and exciting soft grays.
Clicking on a painting will bring up a full screen view that you can toggle to zoom in and shift around to see fine details.Following an artist means you will receive email alerts about new artwork and shows. Saving adds work to your virtual collection.
Overall, the experience is like having the privilege of wandering in a number of galleries that all specialize in work that you prefer, with seemingly endless stacks of related work with which to expand your tastes, all the while without pressure, while in the comfort of your own home.


R.L. Delight said...

Oh dear, this sounds "dangerous" in that I could probably spend too much time here! I am working my way through the A History of American Tonalism book and must admit I am totally captivated. That and I now know exactly who you are talking about in your post! I will have to check out Thanks!

Katherine Kean said...

I know just what you mean! It is "dangerous", but also educational. I think you'll be interested to know that the founder of, Carter Cleveland, is the son of art historian David Cleveland, author of A History of American Tonalism.

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