Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting For the Sun

Katherine Kean, contemporary landscape painting,  light fall, gold, vertical
Amber Lightfall©2011 Katherine Keanoil on linen  15 x 40  inches
After days and days of rain, the sun has come out at last. It's still chilly, but promises to warm up. I grabbed the opportunity while it rained to get inside work finished. During my document updating I re-discovered the "read aloud" feature of Acrobat PDF files. I found that if I used it to read back to me that I could see how text such as my artist statement did or did not flow. In the past I've asked a friend to read it to me, or recorded my own voice on my message service. The digital voice gives a new variation.I also found it a useful tool to use in proof reading. An error read alound seems to stand out more to me than what I might catch when visually skimming over text.


Palmer said...

I didn't know that about Acrobat! Love your painting!!

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Palmer,

Acrobat seems to be full of tricks. And thanks - glad you like it.

Beth said...

I really like this piece, you are astounding in what you create with oil and canvas/linen. Thank you for the PDF info. I am thinking of purchasing new PDF software and wonder which one you have? I believe I was looking at Acrobat 10. Thanks Katherine...spring is around the corner.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Beth,

Thank you!

Instead of buying the PDF software I have been renting the online version on a monthly basis at I seem to only need to make pdfs once or twice a year, so for me renting is quite a bit more economical for now.

Thanks for reminding me. I meant to include that information in my post.

I am really ready for spring this year!

Gary Keimig said...

very nice. I like that vertical format and how you handled it.
I love checking the Wyoming webcams and the Dubois webcam points right at our gallery. Well it did last year but the wind I think has pushed it to next door.

jeronimus said...

Thanks for reminding me about the "read aloud" feature. I have a writing program that has it too, but I had completely forgotten about it.
-Jeronimus from Marine Oil Paintings

Katherine Kean said...

Gary, thank you. Too bad about the wind redirecting the webcam! Maybe you can redirect it back?

You're welcome Jeronimus!

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