Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Greeting Cards

I've always liked Fine Art Cards and enjoy collecting them at museum gift shops and galleries and more recently online. I don't create cards from every painting that I do, but I have a few card designs available. The cards below are digital variations of original paintings. In this case, snowflake effects have been digitally added for a seasonal look.

These cards are printed by Zazzle. I like Zazzle for their very high quality and lightning fast service, and the added ability to personalize products to suit your needs, at no extra cost. The three cards below include a text greeting printed inside, which can be easily added to or altered with Zazzle's customization feature.

I've watched this company grow and evolve in the print on demand marketplace, from a company that printed only cards and posters to one that prints stickers, buttons, shirts, postage stamps, binders and mousepads - just to mention a few. As an artist my experience with Zazzle has been encouraging. There is no fee or cost to the artist to upload an image and create a product. The print on demand service eliminates the need to invest in and maintain an inventory and Zazzle allows the artist to name their royalty percentage.

If you're an artist you might like to look into Zazzle's services. I'd be happy to answer any questions that I can based on my own experiences.


Dianne Poinski said...

Thanks Katherine! I will be checking them out soon. Beautiful choice of images for your cards.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Katherine.

Jean Spitzer said...

These are beautiful. And thanks for the info on zazzle. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Katherine Kean said...

Dianne, you're welcome! Let me know if you have any questions. And thanks - I hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful too.

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Jean! I hope you find the information useful.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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