Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Part 6 of Art's Influence on Motion Picture Design: Salvador Dali

This series on the influence of art on motion picture design would not be complete without mentioning Salvador Dali. He went farther than influencing the look of movies by collaborating with filmmakers, from the Marx brothers to Disney to Hitchcock and eventually making his own films.

There was a traveling exhibition two or three years ago highlighting Dali’s connection with film that I was fortunate to see while it was at LACMA. The exhibit included painting, film clips from Spellbound and Destino, along with related photographs, drawings, and manuscripts.

Spellbound Dream Sequences on Youtube

Destino on Youtube

Hitchcock loved art and was a collector. His movies show the influence of several artists, and his films are infused with Symbolist and Surrealist imagery. Hitchcock sought out Dali for the way he depicted dreams, saying, “All Dali’s work is very solid and very sharp, with very long perspectives and black shadows . . .Dali was the best man for me to do the dreams because that is what dreams should be.”

Times Online article Surreal to Reel- Dali at the Movies


Casey Klahn said...

This series is fantastic, Katherine. I often say that film is the art of America, and it is good to know that the cinema people get inspiration from painters.

Your series makes me wonder about some of my favorite movies, and how their look has been influenced by artists. At random, I remember Tess (of the Durbevilles) which had a strong color thread throughout, and I just watched Broken Trail (Duvall) which excelled in cinematography.

You got me thinking.

I have been struggling with a river at the ocean scene for some time, and your tide image helps me to see what works. Thanks for posting it.

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Casey - I'm glad this gave you food for thought. I might assume that most films with a historical setting would be influenced by art in some way.
Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

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