Thursday, October 22, 2009

Head Room

A Sketch of the Great Marsh
© 2009 Katherine Kean

I've had some wonderful dreams over the past few weeks, many of them from various categories of recurring dreams. Although I don't paint my dreams in the form of subject matter or even dream locale, I do use the feeling of many dreams for inspiration.

In a recent dream I found that there was a whole additional floor above where I live. I've had this dream many times, in many variations, and in this most recent one I felt all the excitement of realizing that there was so much more available to me. I started down a hallway that ran the perimeter of the building, looking into all the rooms as I went. All of the rooms were in good repair, many of them well furnished and even with closets full of clothing. The hallway continued on, and so did I, and so did the rooms. There were living rooms and dressing rooms. There were library rooms with floor to ceiling shelves full of books, there were kitchens and dining rooms and breakfast nooks. The further I went, the more I realized that there didn't seem to be an end to this building and I started running to see if I could get to the end. Eventually I tried a shortcut through the middle of the building, going through yet more and more rooms, and eventually came to realize that this particular space was virtually endless.

The excitement and wonder that I felt in the dream has stayed with me and has been like a whoosh of energy over the past several days.


Dianne Poinski said...

Wow! I love this dream! You said the "space was virtually endless" which to me means the "possibilites are endless".
Enjoy that feeling!

Kathryn Hansen said...

awesome dream!! it's so wonderful that that energy has stayed with you for days!

Anonymous said...

What resonants with me is that you enjoyed the search and the journey. I know many times I get anxious and scared when I can't seem to resolve the situation. I guess its my control freak nature. I need to heed your approach and enjoy the ride, even is Mr. Toad is driving!

Gabrielle said...

Wow, what a cool dream! It sounds very exciting. Dream analysis (can't remember if this is Jungian or Freudian or what, but...) says that the house represents our life and the basement is the past and ground and middle floors the present, so I would think that upper floors would symbolize the future. Hmmm...

Katherine Kean said...

Dianne - that's how I interpret it too - I am enjoying the feeling, thanks!

Kathryn - thanks and yes it's been wonderful.

Marianne - I know what you mean. You know Mr. Toad's wild ride is fun - at least at Disneyland it is.

Gabrielle - How cool - can't wait!

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