Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Blog About Blogs I've Been Reading Lately

Tower watercolor 9 x 3" 

Most of the bogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis are art blogs and the majority of those are the blogs of individual artists. In addition to these I follow a couple of cooking blogs, a couple of gardening blogs, a blog about dividend investing, and two or three miscellaneous blogs, not the least being Zen and the Barefoot Joggler, I’ve found a wealth of information there, from tips on lucid dreaming to where to find a push ups plan.

I like to read the artists’ blogs just to see what other artists are up to. My favorite posts are the ones where the artist is writing just as if they were speaking to you in person – it feels as if you’ve just dropped by their studio. You may get a privileged sneak peek at what they’re working on as well as finding out what’s going on, whether they’re up or down, happy or tired, excited about some good news, or dreading a deadline.

So you can see what I’m talking about, here are a few links:

Works By Tracy Helgeson is not only fun to read, but has wonderful artwork, as well as occasional how to info, for examplethis post about painting the edges of finished panels for display.

Visiting Laurel Lines, the blog of Laura Frankstone is like having permission to peruse her sketchbook/diary/ travelogue. This post talks about her plans to draw and paint water themes.

Soliloquy, the blog of Los Angeles artist Cassandra Tondro shows her continual discovery of materials and processes, like this one with bark, flowers, and pomegranate rind.


Laura Frankstone said...

Katherine, thank you for the shout out. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm so impressed with it. I'm enjoying your stories and, of course, your paintings. I'm going to subscribe to you via Bloglines.
I checked out the cooking blog you link to (another great find!) and have just now ordered the pushups book, so see how influences spread and spread on the internet?
Here's hoping that, by midsummer, you and I both will have lots of paintings done and sculpted arms, too!

Katherine Kean said...

You're so welcome Laura - thanks for visiting!

Pushups and painting is bound to be a winning combination.

Margaret Roach said...

I find that the only blogs I make time to read are the ones that show up on my WordPress dashboard as incoming links. Thank you for "inviting me here" by linking; fascinating. Now back to my garden chores...

Katherine Kean said...

You're so welcome Margaret - thanks for stopping by!

I'll be visiting your blog soon - today is gardening day for me. Or at least I hope it is.

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