Sunday, November 16, 2008

Effects of the Wind

It's been a strange couple of days with fires everywhere and all the wind and heat complicating the scenario. This fire seems to be a bit closer than the last one, just one month ago, but has been traveling in the other direction. My heart goes out to the people that had to evacuate and those who lost their homes. The winds have died down now, so it looks like the fire will be contained in the next couple of days. I hope it's all out before the wind changes direction - I don't mind not having to breathe all that smoke.

One thing that's been helpful about these winds is that it knocked the olives out of the tree that were too high to reach to pick. I just happened to be out in the garden (mulching again - or is that still) and looked down to see a couple of ripe olives on the ground, so I picked them up. Then I saw another and another and before long my pockets were full. (It helps to wear cargo pants in the garden.) I've had to move the whole curing process to a much larger jar.


Derek said...

I presume the recent fires left you and your house alone! No forest fires here, as we are in the middle of a cold snap.

Hope you enjoy the olives - they are yummy!

Katherine Kean said...

Yes, I'm very grateful that the fires left my home unscathed. Luckily it has rained enough now - I hope fire season is over!