Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unpack or Not?

I got back from my trip to Hawaii early on yesterday morning. By early I mean just after 5am. I didn't hear very much news while I was away. I heard a little about the stock market meltdown and a little about the debate, but while I was waiting for my flight home at the Honolulu airport I checked my messages and there were a couple that were alarming - something about a fire in the vicinity. I managed to reach someone on the phone (before my battery died) to learn that the fire was considered under control. However as the car approached the junction of the 118 and 210 freeways on the way home I saw a hillside in flames and then the car was driving through thick smoke. Apparently high winds had rekindled the blaze. Flames climbing the crest of a mountain on the horizon were visible from my house. I took pictures of the fire from my front door - which didn't come out due to darkness - and then, why not, I went ahead and hosed down the house and trees for good measure.

The fire was 5 or so miles away with the wind blowing the smoke and flames in the other direction. I did eventually unpack my suitcase. I thought that if things took a turn for the worse I should have clean laundry to take with me during the evacuation. I'm feeling lucky that it didn't come to that.

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