Monday, August 04, 2008


I opened the front door to find a California King Snake, a beautiful, big one - about 3 feet long. The snake's appearance got the dog barking, causing the snake to slither away, rather gracefully down the steps and into the wood pile. I'm happy about having him on the property (now that I've Googled to make sure it's not harmful). Apparently they make wonderful pets, and they eat rodents. Maybe I should have invited him in.


Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine. Long time no see.

Anyways about California king snakes there is another plus about them. Besides rats they also eat other snakes - including venomous species like rattlesnakes.
Having kingsnakes around will make the rattlers more scarce.

Talk to you later bye.



Derek said...

Glad you like your new pet - he works for his rent, by eating all of the bad guys!

If you have any more pics of Mr snakey, please post them!

Derek :)

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