Friday, August 24, 2007

Surprisingly Accurate "Street View"

I love using Google Maps. I basically have no sense of direction but I'm good with visuals so I like that I can get a satellite view to help me find where I'm going. I noticed that now the maps have a little orange man and if you click on "street view" it takes you to a street level point of view of that spot.

What really impressed me was the accuracy of the street view-there really was an orange man right there on the street!

How do they do it?


Anonymous said...

Lots more where that came from:

Matt said...

Cool and scary all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I've used google maps before. And sometimes i have no sense of direction either.

As for the orange man in the photo i can't really say.
If he's just a dummy/mannikin then obviously the google map was being accurate down to a minute detail.

If that's a flesh/blood individual then perhaps they paid him to be there and be a landmark to go by?

Ryan said...

it's scary. i zoomed in on my own address, found my vehicle parked on the street and could make out my license plate! plus, i could zoom into my window which was open at the time... it was like that scene in bladerunner. not a fan.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Dungan,

I can see why that would bother you!

I guess I should rephrase that..

...I can understand why that would bother you...

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