Saturday, September 09, 2006

Strange Encounter

Late last night I was walking through my house, barefoot, in the dark, and as I went through the living room I stepped on something weird. I felt something brush rapidly along the inner edge of my heel and it made a quick staccato series of motions. I thought to myself that it would be my luck to step on a scorpion. I turned on the light to see what it was, fully expecting to see a twig, or a leaf, or something that rode in on one of the cats and there it was a scorpion sitting right there on the living room floor. It was huge! Well, at least two, maybe three, inches long. I quickly got a glass and trapped the scorpion under the glass and went looking for a piece of cardboard to slide under the scorpion so I could carry it outside. When I found one and slid it underneath the scorpion it was furious and attacked the glass over and over with amazing speed. I carried it outside and lifted the glass and stepped back. The scorpion just sat there on the card watching me with loathing. I went back inside. This experience makes at least six times I've encountered scorpions in this house. I've got to remember to wear shoes.


Matt said...

I've heard that if the big ones sting you, it's less poisonous than the little ones.

Remind me to never go out west again.

Topwomen said...

Katherine, I could never live where there was the possibility of scorpions in my home. WEAR SHOES!!!!!

I'm so glad that you're all right; and you're mighty brave too I might add!

Katherine Kean said...


I've heard the same thing said about rattlesnake bites. Luckily it seems that most of the scorpions around here are not terribly toxic.

Katherine Kean said...

Hi rgmb,

Thank you, I will wear shoes, at least at night. :)

I'm not that brave, I don't think. I apparently stepped on the darn thing and it still didn't get me.

Anonymous said...

That's one lucky scorpion! Anybody else would have smashed it with a shoe or a boot and then tossed him outside.
That creature will live to see another chance to get inside and pester you again. :)

If I was that scorpion I would have thanked my lucky stars to have come across someone as sweet and merciful as you.
And out of gratitude I would have left you alone to bother you no more.
But then I'm not a scorpion. Not even a scorpio by birth.

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