Tuesday, July 04, 2006


One of the coolest antidotes to the high heat is to get into the water and I was lucky enough to do that twice yesterday. Cassandra invited me to her dream circle at the beach in the morning and after sharing dreams we all went into the ocean. I meant to just wade in a little, but then the waves took care of the rest. Very cold and very refreshing. We noticed kazillions of tiny crab shells in the water and on the beach, and saw dolpins swim past.

Later on, after an outstanding hike, which included rare views and even rarer quiet

I was invited to a dip in a pool, which was a very welcome treat.

If I count the dream that I had early this morning, I actually went into the water three times. I dreamed I was in the bluest water imaginable. It was a blue that was so rich and so intense and alive, more saturated and electric than any blue I have ever before seen. It makes me wonder how it is possible to see in a dream a blue that is "bluer" than what can be perceived with the eyes.


Cassandra Tondro said...

Hi Katherine,

Yeah, the ocean was a tad chilly! Between the coldness and the fierceness of the -- well, they must have been at LEAST 3-foot waves -- I can't imagine wading in past my thighs. That's it! I'm heading directly over to eBay to investigate wetsuits. Buoyant ones. Hope you can join us again next Monday.

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Cassandra, Me too! Good luck with the wetsuit.