Friday, May 05, 2006


Around lunchtime I got hungry and ran out to get a sandwich. Just as I returned and was getting out of my car I looked up to see a Red Tailed Hawk flying in to land on top of the telephone pole next to my house. I paused to watch and noticed that he had something in his claw. I could see a tail hanging down. As I continued to observe the hawk began biting off and eating pieces of what I presume was probably a lizard, or perhaps a snake, since it seems lizards seem to lose their tails under stress.


Cassandra Tondro said...

I once found a dead snake hanging from one of the branches of the Norfolk Island Pine in my backyard. This was strange because 1) I live in the city, and there are no snakes here, and 2) California snakes aren't known to climb trees -- are they? Even if it had climbed the tree, why would it die draped over the limb. The only thing I could figure was that a hawk had caught it in the hills and accidentally dropped it in the tree. I have no idea why a hawk would carry it that far. Maybe the hawk realized too late that it wasn't a tasty variety of snake or something!

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Cassandra,

What an experience to find a dead snake in a tree. It's probably just as you said, that a hawk accidentally dropped it there.

I am amazed at what snakes can climb though. Once I stepped out the door onto the patio and to my left was a lizard and to my right was a snake. The poor lizard freaked out and ran all the way around behind me in a big circle at an amazing speed-it was like watching a cartoon. Then the snake slowly slithered up a low rock wall and then up a bamboo garden fence. I then tiptoed on my way.

Matt said...

You can't live in Paradise without encountering a snake or two.

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