Saturday, November 26, 2005

Not Getting Things Done

I have noticed that I have a resistance to completing things. For awhile now I have been working on some projects, including cleaning out closets and drawers and throwing things away, and I get to a point where it is about 95% complete and that's when I just want to stop. I imagine that the reason is that if it isn't "finished" than I am "Leaving room for improvement" or keeping it open, somehow. However, I also suspect that there must be something else going on under the surface, some other factor.


Matt said...

I specialize in getting things 10% done, sometimes 25% done, sometimes 50% done.

And then there all the things I don't start at all.

95% done sounds pretty close to being 100% done. Maybe that last 5% isn't necessary.

Katherine Kean said...

You may be right about the last 5%.

The not starting of things sounds good to me, as long as one's personal priorities are understood.

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