Friday, October 21, 2005

The Future Art Collectors of Los Angeles

Today I was at LACMA to pick up some of my paintings from the gallery. The paintings were rolled out to the van on a cart and as I was lifting one from the cart to slide into the van I heard a child's voice call out, "I want that one!" I looked up to see about a kazillion school kids all lined up on the walkway above looking down at us and waving and pointing while they waited in line for their tour to start.

They all started calling out with rising enthusiasm and they began making offers in exchange for artwork. They offered schoolbooks, games, and toys. One offered his hair and another offered her little brother. I kept loading artwork into the van, slowly, since I was enjoying the positive feedback, and the children started pulling money out of their pockets and waving it in the air, still trying to strike a deal.

In time I had the van loaded and the children had to go since their tour was was a lot of fun while it lasted.

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