Thursday, May 26, 2005

Play of Light

Went to see "Meant to Be Lived In", which is a house above a hill in Pasadena with Light Installations by Olafur Eliasson. The experience is both playful and intense. I am very fond of light and I was happy to find myself in an environment completely turned over to the play of light (as well as delciously cool). There was one part where the contrast between prismatic light and the complete dark was so powerful that I felt that if I reached into the dark part that my hand might not encounter a wall. I was a little relieved that it did. In other places the more we stared the more we saw. To add to the joy two good friends from the other side of town spontaneously materialized before us while we were there. The exhibition ends May 31st. It is a memorable experience. It is located at 1472 Inverness, Pasadena.

It is worth noting that Inverness is not accessible between St. Katherine Drive and Edgehill Place. Instead it is much easier to get on Inverness from Linda Vista. As usual I learned this from trial and error( and luckily for me my friend arrived first and she was able to direct me over her cell).


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