Thursday, March 03, 2005

About Me

At Fat Over Lean* life imitates art, which suits me well since I have an endless fascination with both. I can’t help being enchanted about the world when there’s so much beauty to see and mystery to experience.

Here you can find surprising tips to save you time in the studio, such as why I never have to clean my brushes. You can read about landscape painting adventures; I once rented a helicopter to drop me in a ravine to capture the perfect mountainside. You are invited to have a sneak peak as I paint in oil and watercolor what I consider the absolute essentials of landscape painting: the indescribable qualities of light and mood.

As an artist, I’ve been known to indulge in solitude but my inner extrovert needs to be fed often and the door is open for discussion on any number of topics. Feel free to post a comment; everyone is free to express an opinion – as long as it is respectful to others. Or, if you prefer, email me.

*Fat Over Lean is the original title of this blog. It refers to a painting term reminding artists to paint the oilier more flexible layers of paint over the stiffer, faster drying bottom layers, to prevent cracking.

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