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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Webcams: A Tool for Artists?

Last week, while planning to go to El Matador in an attempt to catch the winter storm I encountered the obstacle of not knowing what the conditions would be over there, while I was over here. I had weather forecasts, but I wanted more specific knowledge and only afterward did I think that I should have checked a Malibu webcam to find out live conditions in advance of the drive. A search turned up several beach cams for various coastal areas in Southern California.

In looking around there seem to be webcams all over, making it easier to see weather conditions, visibility, and even the progression of fall foliage, or volcanic eruptions. This page is a National Park and Recreation Area webcam locator: It has links to recreation areas, volcanoes, monuments, seashores and parks.

Try this webcam in the fall for views of changing foliage from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire .

There are webcams in places that a regular Google Street View will not take you to and it seems to me that this may be an excellent way for landscape artists to check out new places to paint.

I found webcams in Alaska, New Zealand, and South Africa (always live and wild) . Not so many in China, but I'm still looking.

This seems like a useful tool not only for painters, but also for photographers, hikers, birders, and other wildlife enthusiasts, to name just a few. Have you ever used a webcam to check out a destination before a trip?


Kathryn Hansen said...

wow...that's a great idea! never even occured to me...but i will check it out now!!

Katherine Kean said...

Thanks Kathryn - I wish it had occurred to me sooned!

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Who knew all those cameras were contstantly recording?! Very neat!

Beth said...

Great idea. Thank you!!

Cindi said...

Good to know Katherine. Thanks!

Dianne Poinski said...

Thanks for sharing that information! I can think of many situations where that would have come in very handy.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Yes - what's more if you watch them they also tell you when you get great light.

In 2005, I arrived in the St Mark's Square in Venice 7am on a Sunday morning in May because I already KNEW it was spectacular in terms of light! :)

Katherine Kean said...

Hi Katherine, that's a great idea - a wonderful way to make the most of a painting trip.